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«Tuning-Art Museum»: first full tuning-fair from Russia

"This is how we make show"

Every Spring, we celebrate Night Of Museums in Russia - and this is the date of our main festival: biggest tuning fair-carnival. Its dedicated to culture of Tuning



Thousands of people: pro, fans and Watchers from absolutely different spheres are connected to one theme - they love cars, motors and creation

OST 2017 in Moscow

It starts from the idea - to make big, Beautiful, bright car-show... But useful, productively, interesting, new and promisingly
Every yearthe best show-cars and new Tuning projects from our Partners, participants, bloggers, stars of industry are comming to our festival

Besides we make free master-classes for everybody at the day time of event
But that not anough  for us and the Big Season 2020 we want to make more...


Tuning Art Museum 2020: Our show

In that season we make update of our festival to become even bigger and more interesting, as well as we will come to different cities of Russia:
this is the next step before our BIG journey (but about it not today ;) )

Welcome to the Museum

We stay Digital, but few times a year we come to real world :)

Night of Museums 2020: 12:00 - 00:00

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